Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Statue

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and has a population of around 212,000 people. Employers in Birmingham include several hospitals and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which alone employs about 22,000 people. The healthcare industry makes up close to 20% of the employers in Birmingham as well as 10% for government jobs.

Birmingham is also known for being one of the greatest steel producing cities in America, where legendary blues bands such as The Black Keys got their start.  But don’t think that this city is stuck in a time long since passed because news flash – Birmingham has been named the “Most Livable City” in Alabama and the “Most Livable Small City in the South”  by the  League of American Bicyclists.

Birmingham is also known for its many historical landmarks and attractions. One such attraction is the 16th St. Baptist church, this church was famously targeted during the civil rights movement due to its raging youth minister at the time, who would often hold meetings for influential figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Birmingham is also home to the Birmingham Museum of Art, which has been named one of the top 10 most beautiful art museums in all of America by Conde Nast.

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